Discover the magic of this beautiful land where you will enjoy traditional food, pristine beaches and charming hotels steeped in a myriad of tribal cultures you will encounter.


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Tours in Honduras


We turn a simple tour of Honduras into an unforgettable experience


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Immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable experience where you will discover the Garifuna culture through the charm of its villages, rhythmic dances, and the joy of its people.

Experience the Garifuna Culture

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  1. Triunfo de La Cruz The Garifuna capital

    El Triunfo de La Cruz is a Garifuna community located 7 kilometers away from the city of Tela and it is a true natural gem, because it is located within the Punta Izopo National Park.


    Among its attractions are its beautiful beaches, Cerro Triunfo de La Cruz, Laguna Negra, Ríos Plátano, Gamma and Hicaque.


    Also its living culture: like its dance, language, music, drinks and typical foods, etc.

  2. San Juan A village that rises

    San Juan is a beautiful Garifuna community located 3 kilometers from the city of Tela, Atlántida, Honduras.


    It was founded in 1890, by a group of Garífuna families. They chose San Juan to live because they knew its richness and beauty since before it was inhabited, they used this land to plant their vegetables, fruits and tubers. It was also a good place to hunt, fish and obtain wood and other materials to make their crafts.


    Among its main attractions are: Its beautiful white sand beaches and the impressive Laguna de Los Micos.

  3. Tornabe Organization and development example

    Tornabe is a lively Garifuna community located 8 kilometers west of the city of Tela.


    The main attraction of Tornabe is its rich natural environment, its beautiful white sand beaches are fantastic to have fun and enjoy the sun and the breeze, the Laguna de los Micos is an excellent option for walking, fishing, enjoying the Garífuna culture and the impressive nature of the site.

  4. Sambo Creek Pure natural and happy life

    Sambo Creek is a beautiful and happy Garifuna town located 15 kilometers east of La Ceiba.


    It has incredible natural beauty with white sand beaches surrounded by exotic vegetation and a warm atmosphere that enchants its visitors, here you can interact with them and learn more about this interesting culture.


    Among its attractions are several waterfalls of natural water, the best known is the Cascada de la Sirena.

  5. Corozal The charm of the garifuna communities

    Corozal is 11 km from La Ceiba, and if you visit it you will be able to know and enjoy its fascinating culture and history because here they keep alive the traditions and customs of their ancestors, such as: their language, dance, music, ceremonies and their delicious drinks and meals, most of them prepared with fish, shellfish, coconut milk, banana, yucca and banana.


    This community has several waterfalls and natural pools known as Los Chorros

  6. Cayos Cochinos Biological Reserve

    The Cayos Cochinos are a small archipelago formed by two small islets and 13 keys located in the Caribbean Sea.


    This little tropical paradise is part of the second largest coral reef system in the world. Its warm turquoise waters give life to this impressive reef system that is its greatest attraction, as well as being a good place to practice diving.


    Discover the charms of the famous Callo Mariposa which is the place where every year the most famous survival reality in Spain takes place Survivors

Our activities


Horse Ride

Horseback riding on the beach, discovering the wonders of Honduras.

Marine adventure

We explore the beautiful beaches of Cayos Cochinos and its waters.

Garifuna culture

Immerse yourself in the Garifuna culture, in its history and gastronomy.

Ancestral dances

Enjoy the ancestral, mystical and healing dances of the Garifunas.

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