Lancetilla located in Tela, Honduras

About Lancetilla

Lancetilla is the green jewel of Honduras, a beautiful protected area, a charming tropical rain forest that has a great biodiversity of flora. This natural paradise, located a few meters from one of the entrances of Tela, can delight any visitor as it is a true treasure.

Likewise, it can be highlighted that it is a national pride for being the second largest tropical garden in the world, located in the heart of Central America.

This garden has an extension of 70 hectares, and with more than 1,500 species, mainly fruit and timber trees from tropical areas around the world.

It has some 250 different species of birds as inhabitants of the botanical garden, among others the striking Toucan with stripes.

Due to its impressive natural samples, Lancetilla is considered by many to be the “Plant Sanctuary” in America.

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