Punta Izopo National Park located in Tela, Honduras

About Punta Izopo

The Punta Izopo National Park is located on the north coast of Honduras, at the eastern end of the Bahía de Tela. Its name derives from a small mountain that dominates the area – Izopo Mountain. It is one of the ten priority protected areas for the conservation of biodiversity in Honduras.

Punta Izopo is the second largest natural reserve in the Bahía de Tela, after Punta Sal. It covers an area of ​​112 km², of which approximately half is buffer zone and half untouchable core area. The park was declared by the Ramsar Convention as Wetland of International Interest No. 812 in 1996. Since then it has been protected and acquired a greater presence.

The area is made up of various types of ecosystems. On the banks of the river estuaries are mangrove forests, made up of three mangrove species: red mangrove, white mangrove and black mangrove.

There are lagoons and coastal channels of brackish water of the Caribbean such as fresh water. In addition the park has tropical forest, marshy grasslands with grasses, palms and shrubs, and rivers.
Thanks to this variety of ecosystems, the Punta Izopo National Park is home to a large number of animals. Several species of reptiles that are considered threatened with disappearance in Honduras occur in the park, including the American lizard and four species of sea turtles: the loggerhead, the green, the hawksbill and the leatherback.

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