Jeannette Kawas National Park located in Tela, Honduras

About Punta Sal

The Jeannette Kawas National Park (originally Punta Sal) is located 15km from the northwest side of the city of Tela..Punta Sal stands out for it’s unique rockyand white sand beaches nuzzled up against a lush greenscape. It’s waters contain exostic species of flora and fauna that make it paradise to beautiful corals and marine life. They are especially known for being home to a colorful assortment of goldfish.

For the amateur zoologist, bird watcher and admirers of flora and fauna, the park offers visibility of more than 35 species of mammals, 427 species of birds, 68 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians and over a hundred species of insects. And it is the habitat of more than 499 species of trees and shrubs. Crossing the peninsula on foot, among the mangroves and tropical forests, you will have the opportunity to see white-faced monkeys and howler monkeys.

The Jeannette Kawas National Park is only accessible by water and is a great opportunity to enjoy a pristine beach, snorkel in the turquoise waters of a coral reef, hike, observe wildlife, and enjoy a delicious local style lunch.

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